I am a designer by trade and traveler by passion. For every destination checked off of my bucket list, several more are added.

Hi there and welcome!

I decided a looong time ago that I wanted to share my travel tips, tricks and journeys with a broader audience than my Facebook friends. I'm pretty sure at this point the only people that look at my fb page are family and they're getting pretty tired of my travel photos. But there's a whole wide world of people who share the same interests or are looking for a little inspiration (just search #travelgram and you'll get a plethora of accounts).   

So here I am after literal YEARS of procrastination and itty bitty baby steps (i.e. @yesadventuresblog on Instagram) with an actual website! And boy am I excited...and nervous. The internet is a harsh black hole that one could easily get lost in... But ONWARD!

A little about me. I am Francesca. A relatively unique name, for an American anyway, but I don't think I could have been named anything else. It fits me.

Unusual? Yes. Long winded? Unfortunately. Fun? Most of the time!

I'm also a self proclaimed oxymoron. Examples:

  • I love sleep (my favorite pastime) but I love staying up late (or all night)
  • I am the laziest hard worker you'll ever meet
  • I am a creative "left-brain"
  • I am empathetically apathetic 
  •  I LOVE to travel but I'm a huge homebody

That's me in a nutshell.

And a little warning, I am not a writer. I will often misspell words and be grammatically incorrect. Please forgive me. I also tend to write the way I speak, which includes some humor and sarcasm. Hope you enjoy!