Game Plan '18

So I realize we're already a quarter of the way through 2018 but I've decided to update my blog with my travel plans for this year.

Typically I do one large trip a year to somewhere overseas sprinkled with little weekend trips, mostly to Philly or the shore. But this year I'm switching things up. I had a "milestone" birthday this January so I'm celebrating all year long by going on one trip a month!

For the sake of vacation time (and my wallet) most will simply be long weekends with an occasional week stretch. I've also extended an open invitation to my friends and family so my travels will be a mix of solo trips, girls weekends, and family vacations. It will definitely be interesting to observe the differences in not only the cities that I visit but the type of trip it is depending on the company.

I will also try and do a better job writing about my experiences in a timely manner. So follow along via this blog or my Instagram account watch how my year is going!

The trips:

January: New Orleans, LA

February: Austin, TX

March: Disney World, FL

April: Nashville, TN

May: DC & Busch Gardens

June: Chicago, IL

July: Portland, OR

August: Canada

September: Falling Water & Pittsburg, PA

October: Boston, MA

November: Charleston, SC

December: ???